Keulen and Snijders both date back before the turn of the century as authentic butcheries renowned for their craftsmanship and passion. The current owners were both able to continue the business and make it grow, especially by supplying the Dutch retail market. Around 2004, VLL Fresh Logistics Limburg was founded; it marked a further collaboration between Keulen and Snijders.
Professional slicing lines were placed for the production of high-quality cold cuts. Right up through to today, the craftsman butchers at Keulen, Snijders and VLL still develop brilliant new concepts and continue to expand their assortment.


Keulen Vleeswaren BV
Logistiekstraat 5, 6361 KE Nuth
T: +31 (0)45 405 9800

VLL Vers Logistiek
Thermiekstraat 30-32, 6361 HB Nuth
T: +31 (0) 45 5778982

Gebr. Snijders Vleeswaren BV
Heirweg 4, 6121 JP Born
T: +31 (0)46 485 3037



Group of Butchers Scheurbroek 20, 9860 Oosterzele, Belgium

+32 (0)9 362 50 78 +32 (0)9 362 54 57


Group of Butchers Kapitein Grantstraat 5, 5015 BA Tilburg, the Netherlands

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