Group of Butchers

We are Group of Butchers. We love meat. We believe in getting up early, working hard and keeping our word, but most of all, we believe making the tastiest products of all, every day. Every day is special. Let’s make something special!

Who are we?

We are a group of butchers. We work with meat, but we don’t make ordinary meat products. Together we create concepts with meat and put a little something of ourselves into what we make. We think what we do is special.

We want to supply the tastiest and very best quality products made fresh every day. Because we believe in freshness! We share a great passion for fine meat and that’s what makes our products special. We also put a little something of ourselves into our products. We are “Group of Butchers”.

The quality brands of Group of Butchers:

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We are genuine specialists. We believe in keeping our word, supporting each other and having a laugh together, but not mincing words with each other when we have to, and not moaning about working hard. We are usually tired in the evenings, but satisfied with the products we have made after a day’s work. We go to bed early so we can start early the next day.

We are practical people. We like getting down to work, cooking, the tools of our trade, meat and everything we can do to it: boiling, frying, roasting, grilling, smoking, drying, ripening, seasoning, mixing and salting. This is our wonderful profession and what we set out to do. It makes us unique. It makes us ‘Group of Butchers’.

Preparation methods

Every day we purchase top-quality ingredients. A basic starting point, but it is followed by the most important step, which is when we butchers start preparing the meat. Our preparation methods make our products so special. Smoking, grilling, boiling, frying and roasting, as well as mixing, seasoning, salting, drying and ripening meat, all require craftsmanship in which temperature, time and careful attention play a crucial role. These are the things that really make a difference.


Water for tea boils at 100° Celsius. But boiling hams involves a great deal more than simply putting the kettle on. We do not use water with a temperature of 100° Celsius. We cook most of our hams at precisely calculated successive temperatures that penetrate right through the meat. This is the secret behind the soft bite of the ham.


The difference between frying and broiling is the temperature. You fry meat over a high flame. An intensely hot temperature that quickly sears the meat, for example, to cook the perfect meatball. Searing the meat seals in the juices.


Broiling usually takes place after frying. After using intense heat to sear the meat to keep the flavour in, we quickly lower the temperature and let it simmer softly, Just as grandma used to add a little water to the juices in the pan to lower the temperature quickly! This gives the meat time ‘to settle’.


Grilling is often commonly confused with roasting, but they are not the same. Meat is roasted on a hot plate. Grilling is searing and then letting meat cook further using radiant heat from a red-hot grill in an oven, a contact grill, a grill pan or BBQ without adding extra oil or butter.


Group of Butchers has become truly specialised in smoking meat. The age-old traditional smoking process gives a wonderful aroma and flavour, provided it takes place with the right climate control. We can steer the process by adjusting the air humidity and smoke circulation, and varying the amount of time.


Mixing a meat paste is a delicate process. Most people think it only entails ‘stirring’ all the separate ingredients together, but for professionals like us it is precise work with which we lay the basis for a delicious soft bite in a meatball, creamy beef tartare and liver sausage that always slices perfectly.


Salting meat originates from the time before refrigerators. It is a traditional method for preserving food. But how to you use this process to make tasty products? It requires the right knowledge. Salting in a brine bath, dry salting and brine injection are variations of salting that all require their own approach, processing time and temperature.


A lot can be said about herbs and spices. Good quality pepper gives depth to the taste of food. This is because of the ethereal oils it contains. Cheap pepper has a sharp taste, but low levels of ethereal oils and therefore no depth. We make our own blends of herbs and spices with high concentrations of ethereal oils. They are indeed slightly more expensive, but their excellent flavour is priceless.


Drying or pre-drying is a treatment carried out before the smoking process. The aim of drying the meat first is to enhance the smoked flavour and colour. Pre-drying usually also takes place in the smoking chamber at a specific temperature varying from 25 to 55 degrees Celsius until the products feel parchment-dry, with a rough surface.


We believe that innovation is much in demand in our sector. And we want to show our customers that we do not wait around until they have a particular wish they want us to fulfil. We innovate because we want to introduce our customers to renewal and modernisation.

For us, innovation means:

  • Constant renewal
  • A pro-active attitude
  • Thinking with customers and surprising them


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The information on this website was compiled with the greatest possible care. Group of Butchers cannot, however, be held responsible for any damage resulting from any inaccurate or incomplete information that it may be contain. For the most recent information call Group of Butchers or send an email to info@groupofbutchers.com