Group of Butchers Barneveld

Fresh ingredients, authentic spices, and the only additive: passion. This defines the Group of Butchers Barneveld, the family firm from Veluwe that is renowned for its two varieties of smoked sausage that has an unrivalled flavour as well as their tasty barbecue meats and sauces./h2>

For almost a hundred years now, they have producing these delicious smoked sausages without making a single concession in order to capture the traditional character of the unique artisanal product.


Nijverheidsweg 26
3771 ME Barneveld
T: +31 (0) 342 416 181



Group of Butchers Scheurbroek 20, 9860 Oosterzele, Belgium

+32 (0)9 362 50 78 +32 (0)9 362 54 57


Group of Butchers Kapitein Grantstraat 5, 5015 BA Tilburg, the Netherlands

+31 (0)138 505 920 +31 (0)138 505 934


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