Group of Butchers Eersel

In Eersel, we make fresh steak tartare every day. And by fresh, we mean ultra fresh. This is prepared with the utmost care and under the strictest hygienic conditions imaginable.

We also have secret recipes for our own ready-made sauces that are prepared with high-quality herbs and spices. Through the art of mixing we can flexibly respond to the specific requests of our customers.


Koperslager 24
5521 DE Eersel
T: +31 (0)497582140
F: +31 (0) 497516520



Group of Butchers Scheurbroek 20, 9860 Oosterzele, Belgium

+32 (0)9 362 50 78 +32 (0)9 362 54 57


Group of Butchers Kapitein Grantstraat 5, 5015 BA Tilburg, the Netherlands

+31 (0)138 505 920 +31 (0)138 505 934


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