Group of Butchers Alken

In Alken, we specialise in smoking meats. In 2005, we were one of the first meat product manufacturers, who were officially recognized as maker of two high-quality, traditional local products: Filet d’Anvers and ‘Flemish-style’ beef.


Group of Butchers Barneveld

Fresh ingredients, authentic spices, and the only additive: passion. This defines the Group of Butchers Barneveld, the family firm from Veluwe that is renowned for its two varieties of smoked sausage that has an unrivalled flavour as well as their tasty barbecue meats and sauces.


Group of Butchers Born en Nuth

Keulen and Snijders both date back before the turn of the century as authentic butcheries renowned for their craftsmanship and passion.

Group of Butchers Eersel

In Eersel, we make fresh steak tartare every day. And by fresh, we mean ultra fresh. This is prepared with the utmost care and under the strictest hygienic conditions imaginable.


The family Gmyrek discovered its love for sausage in 1904. This was the year that Stephan and Christoph Gmyrek’s great grandfather founded a sausage and delicacies factory in Gliwice, Silesia.

Group of Butchers Oosterzele

Cooked ham! At our location in Oosterzele, we make the very best quality cooked hams in all of Belgium and the Netherlands. Some of our special hams can even carry the ‘Masterful’ label.


Group of Butchers Ruinerworld

Group of Butchers Tegelen en Lottum

Every year, thanks to our commitment, beautiful recipes and care for the products, Schouten delivers the finest quality products for the highly valued BBQ assortment of various retailers.


Group of Butchers Tilburg

Our location is Tilburg specialises in grilling and cooking. Delicious rotisserie products that include spare ribs and grilled chicken. But we also offer grilled meats like our traditional roast beef and loin roast.


Group of Butchers Warendorf-Milte

Hartmann Fleischwaren Gmbh originally dates back to the village of Warenhof in Munsterland, Germany. Hartmann Fleishwaren started in 1984 with the traditional preparation and roasting of minced meat.


Under the name ‘Hergo, the butcher with a chef’s hat’, Group of Butchers runs five butcheries in Amstelveen and Amsterdam Buitenveldert, Rivierenbuurt and South; a household name in these parts. Visit their website here


Group of Butchers Scheurbroek 20, 9860 Oosterzele, Belgium

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Group of Butchers Kapitein Grantstraat 5, 5015 BA Tilburg, the Netherlands

+31 (0)138 505 920 +31 (0)138 505 934


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